“CJ is amazing, very professional and extremely thorough. [I] Highly recommend CJ.” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Noel McDermott, Restaurant Owner. Employment Law — This office serves as General Counsel to several restaurants providing legal counsel & representation in multiple areas of law.

“Carlene Jadusingh is ever professional, always available and reasonable in her interactions with clients.  She is also expedient with legal matters.” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Carol Raskin—Breach of Contact Claim

“Carlene Jadusingh is always so pleasant and helpful in all matters that may arise and in any situation. She is extremely patient and easy to talk to. I feel as if I can count on her in dealing with any legal matter. I would highly recommend and use your services again.” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Diane Mella—Landlord/Tenant & Torts/Negligence

“CJ…I am thankful that God has directed [me] in your path, because at the time we were desperate, frustrated and angry, because after three court appearance with my first lawyer he told me I have no chance of winning my case. Right now I am happy and excited knowing that I am going home to my family. You represent me to the fullest, you gave it your best, and I am so grateful to have you as my lawyer.”

Everton Mattis, former world-class cricket player. Immigration/Deportation: Won Convention Against Torture application based on client’s participation in the “Rebel Tour” cricket team during South African Apartheid.

“Carlene (CJ) was retained by our firm as a consultant and expert witness in the above case as it pertained to the U.S. Probation Department. Her involvement was invaluable and her expert witness report was essential to the outcome of the case. We would strongly recommend CJ…” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Scott Epstein, Antin Ehrlich & Epstein—Wrongful Death Action against U.S. Government. Won significant settlement.

“As I have been developing my design business, I approached CJ to help construct project/client contracts and agreements. She researched related agreements and helped me to develop an appropriate, comprehensive contract that support my needs. Her concerns, attention to detail, straightforward approach and responsiveness helped make the process an effortless experience. I am confident that I will use CJ in the future for all my legal needs.”

Scott Holman, owner, Holman Creative—Small Business & Contracts Client. Contracts & Business Law.

“Ms. Jadusingh is a forward thinker, and always had my best interest in mind when no one else did!” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Amanda Zink, owner “The Salty Paw, LLC,” small business client—Employment Law.

“It was a total pleasure working with C.J. She is highly recommended.” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Sharyn Wolf, Author/Therapist—Civil Matter.

Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Robert Taylor, Immigration—Cancelation of Removal Granted

“Carlene provided expert services in what was a very critical legal housing matter. Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Robert Mickelsen, Residential Landlord/Tenant

Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Joseph & Natthakorn Guarnuccio, Immigration—Assisted client with consular processing matter

“I should have come to you sooner. Your assistance and your concern were phenomenal during this time.” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Max-Carlos Martinez, Artist. Landlord/Tenant Case—Succession rights for non-traditional family members.

“CJ is an extremely knowledgeable, super competent, honest, truthful, very reliable & dependable lawyer who tells it like it is when necessary. Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Maria Patricia Cuartas, civil matter and consumer law

“CJ has represented me successfully in TWO Landlord/Tenant cases. In that time, she did exhaustive ground work, talked straight, offered well–considered advice, thought strategically, and fought passionately for me. Working with CJ has given me the peace of mind that comes with knowing I will not be taken advantage of as long as she represents me.”

Shannon McGarity, Residential Landlord/Tenant

“Personally, I believe I am extremely blessed to have Carlene Jadusingh as my lawyer during this case. She was very knowledgeable and caring in her communication with me. I appreciate her level and quality of work, her professionalism and overall conduct.” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied…”

Milton Williams, Immigration/Asylum—Won application for asylum based on sexual orientation

“We found CJ to be a very nice and honest person and a very hard worker. We were very happy with the outcome of our case.” Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied…”

Meredith Warren, small business owner—Landlord/Tenant. Won $25k settlement in non-payment action.

“CJ was very professional, well organized, efficient and a pleasure to work with. “Overall level of satisfaction is “Extremely Satisfied.”

Stanley K. Shapiro, Esq.—Law Office of Stanley K. Shapiro

“As a federal district judge serving the Eastern District of New York… I have witnessed the efforts of Carlene Jadusingh—first at the Probation office, and then at Pretrial Services. In these capacities, Ms. Jadusingh’s commitment and dedication have shined.”

Honorable Sterling Johnson Jr., U.S. District Court Judge, Eastern District NY, Brooklyn

“Ms. Jadusingh is exceptionally bright.”

The Honorable Jack B. Weinstein—Sr. U.S. District Court Judge, Eastern District NY, Brooklyn

“Carlene has demonstrated…initiative, imagination and tenacity.”

The Honorable I. Leo Glasser—U.S. District Court Judge, Eastern District NY, Brooklyn

“Ms. Jadusingh stands out among court agency employees for her intelligence, energy and ethical values. Ms. Jadusingh is among the very brightest of Probation and Parole Officers…She stood out head and shoulders above her fellow officers…”

Peter Kirchheimer, Esq—Attorney-In-Charge, Federal Defenders, EDNY

CJ, [you] “have demonstrated an intellectual honesty and passion for justice in your professional, as well as personal, life. This has translated inversely into a great intolerance for injustice.”

Philip J. Bigger—Chief U.S. Pretrial Services Officer (retired)